Herbal Clay Masks

Herbal Clay Masks

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Mineral filled clays & organic botanicals combine to tighten, tone, and detox your skin. 

If you're prone to redness, and are quite sensitive, this combination of petals will save your skin. French pink clay combines with rose petals, chamomile buds, red clover blossoms and blue tansy essential oil to sooth irritated and inflamed skin. Those with rosacea may find this blend exceptionally helpful. 

For those with aging skin who are looking for something to lift and firm, the rhassoul clay mask with horsetail, hibiscus, mullein, and geranium essential oil will do just that! It's my absolute favorite of the three herbal clay masks. Not only does it smell divine but once you rinse this mask away the difference is so obvious. Your skin may be a little flushed at first because of the increase in circulation but that's what you want! This means that all the nutrients from the mask are being delivered to your skin.

And last but not least the Kaolin clay mask for oily and acneic skin types. This light oil absorbing mask contains kaolin clay, fenugreek, rosemary, and juniper berry essential oil. It's anti bacterial properties work to kill the bacteria that causes acne to keep existing breakouts from spreading as well as preventing new ones from forming. The kaolin clay absorbs oil without over drying the skin.

Each contains enough for 10 - 12 masks.

To Use: 

Add approximately 1 Tbsp of liquid to 1 Tbsp of mask and mix thoroughly...slowly add more liquid as needed. You may use water, hydrosol, apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, yogurt, coconut milk, even avocado...or any liquid you choose as long as you reach a paste like consistency. Apply to face, neck, and chest and let dry. Gently buff away and rinse skin clean. Follow up with your favorite hydrosol, serum, and night balm.