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Our signature unisex scent is an entirely uplifting blend of lemongrass, citrus, and patchouli. A few deep inhalations and all is right with the world. The overall energy of this blend is one of happiness and abundance making it perfect for every day wear.

Tangerine & sweet orange relieve nervous tension and stress. The orange is known as the fruit of joy. It has also been a symbol of friendship and gift giving for centuries. 

Patchouli's grounding aroma is helpful in treating depression, anxiety, and also releasing deeply held insecurities. The earthiness of patchouli is associated with material wealth and creation as well as all things "of this earth." 

Pine increases circulation and boosts energy. Pine is also known as the Goddess tree and is a symbol of the Nativity. The increase in energy from pine essential oil helps one "stay the course" in hard times.

Lemongrass is instantly energizing and perfect at times when we feel exhausted. It clears obstacles and fosters cleansing and loving conditions.

Cinnamon is barely present when first experiencing this blend but as the fragrance wears on your skin you'll begin to smell its subtle aroma. Cinnamon adds another deep level to the blend that works with the patchouli in a way that even non patchouli lovers will enjoy. Cinnamon is also said to invite abundance (especially wealth) into ones its definitely an added bonus!

Lavender absolute is unlike regular lavender essential oil in that it contains the therapeutic properties of the entire lavender plant, not only the buds. This unique lavender can help with headaches, nervous tension, depression, and even PMS symptoms.