Oracle Mist
Oracle Mist
Oracle Mist

Oracle Mist

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White sage and palo santo have been used for centuries, and in many different cultures, as a means of clearing negative energies.  They are traditionally burned and the smoke is used to purify a space. While this method is very effective it is not always practical. Imagine breaking out your smudge stick at work and smoking out your entire office building! Some people (especially children) have sensitivities to smoke and may not be able to smudge.

The Oracle Mist is perfect for your home or office and can be used as a body mist. It is easy to use and very discreet. Each bottle contains a piece of clear quartz that has been charged under the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse we experienced on July 27. The quartz is pre-drilled and can be incorporated into a piece of jewelry once your bottle is empty.

Simply mist around your space, from corner to corner, working clockwise and set your intention and invite positive energy into your area. 

White Sage clears negative energy from spaces and people.

Palo Santo is for deep healing of the physical body and has been used to clear homes of illness.

Clear Quartz is one of the most popular and readily available crystals. They shield from negative energy and amplify the properties of other crystals, oils, and herbs. 

Juniper is an uncommon addition to traditional smudge sticks but one we feel is vital. It promotes a positive and protected space once the negative energies are released.

Frankincense connects us to source (God) energy and is used in spiritual practices around the world.

Lavender brings peace and relaxation.

Holy Basil (Tulsi) is a brain and nerve tonic. It brings vitality and alertness.

Cedar bring renewal, protection, and grounding.